A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Bitcoin mining simulator it was hard to make.

This is game where do you mine bitcoins, you start, buy table and GPU, place them down, and start mining bitcoins!

When you are playing, click esc for pause menu!

Current version: Prototype 0.0.3

Please download it will not cost you anything.

Edit: Game is never gonna be updated so, for anyone who liked it I'm sorry, but other 10 times better projects will come out of my hands!

Install instructions


2.Note that its not a virus.

3.When downloaded and runned, will (maybe) type thats virus, click more info, and run anyway(on windows)

4.Play and have fun!


Bitcoin mining simulator(Proto0.0.3).rar 9 MB

Development log


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Hey bro I have create the game like you and it has feature of sharing stats to check it out :


Shall we make game together?

If you want, but I don't use godot. I like coding without any engines that helps you placing buttons, etc. Which language are you using? Btw, I was on a half a day trip with my parents.

So i use gdscript(Godot language)I know basics of python and godot is very easy you can learn it within a day

But I like coding without any engines. This project above has 4000 lines of code.

did you use tkinter or pygame?

tkinter but not pygame

Which language you have used in this?

Python, and I'm 1 year younger than you.

I can make this game within two hours

What is fun in this it is just like placing blocks

At least is playable.

And I didn't use any engines, 4000 lines of code.

omg can you comment 3 cells like that too?

And you didn't even download it so don't comment like that.